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Breathing & Relaxation for Labour

Staying calm and focused during labour is proven to help your birth progress well, and make the experience more manageable and positive. This is because you’ll manage the pain, work with the contractions and conserve your energy. Breathing and relaxation techniques are popular and useful tools to achieve this and can be used by any mum-to-be.  Although they are not complicated by any means they do need to be taught and implemented properly for you to gain optimum benefit. Unfortunately most parent-craft classes give little time to these valuable techniques due to the amount of information which has to be delivered to the antenatal patient.

Women’s health specialists have a key role in teaching a combination of physiotheraputic breathing and physiological muscle relaxation techniques to use throughout all stages of your labour. We’ll also teach you how to integrate these techniques into your daily activities as well as practice positive visualisation and optimal positioning to prepare confidently for your big day.

You can attend our clinics for you breathing & relaxation class or we can come to your home for an additional cost (See Appointments & Home visits).

‘Labour pain management package’

You can book a one hour and 15 minute session that includes instruction on breathing & relaxation, TENS and positioning for labour. See Appointments.

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