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Your Directions

YARNTON: The clinic is situated on a slip road just off the A44 (Woodstock bound) in a village called Yarnton. A landmark is the Budgens BP garage. Take the slip road at the ‘Services’/Budgens BP garage, the A44 should be to your right and residential buildings to your left. Continue for ¾ of the way down the slip road. The clinic will be on your left, based at the top of a long(ish) gravel drive with black wrought iron gates, and long red brick walls. We share a drive with a large red brick house. If you look up the drive you will see the Physio For Women signs. Drive up the drive and parking is to the left in front of the clinic. The postcode is accurate if using sat nav. If you pop onto google  you can also see the clinic’s photos to see what you’re looking out for.

CHIPPING NORTON: The clinic is situated on the first floor of Chipping Norton Health Centre. Enter the building and turn left for the stairs or lift. Once on the first floor, report to the receptionist at the desk in front of you and take a seat to the left where the leather sofa’s are situated. 

How do I make an appointment

You can make a physiotherapy appointment by phone on 01865 803988 or 07815 170682, by email or with our 24 hour Online Booking service

What is your cancellation policy

We require 48 BUSINESS (Monday-Friday) HOURS to fill a cancelled slot. Please cancel your appointment no later than 48 hours to avoid a FULL cancellation charge.

Will I be seeing a male or female therapist?

All therapists at Physio For Women are female and are highly trained and skilled in the management of women’s health problems. It is very important that you see a specialist who knows how to treat your problem safely and effectively, so you can ensure an optimum outcome.

Do I need to see a doctor or consultant first?

No, chartered physiotherapists are autonomous professionals and are trained in assessing and diagnosing physical problems. If you have private medical insurance you should make contact before attending physiotherapy as they may require a referral from your doctor or consultant to authorise your treatment.

Can I come for private physiotherapy whilst on the NHS waiting list?

Yes of course.

How long does a treatment take?

We allow between 30 and 45 minutes for each treatment although your first visit may last up to an hour as we need to assess, diagnose and initiate your treatment. Your treatment time will include the time taken to record your assessment and treatment details, in accordance with strict professional guidelines.

How many appointments will I need and how long will it take?

This can vary as it depends on your problem and how it responds to treatment. However, between 3 and 6 sessions spread over a period of several weeks to several months are usually sufficient to reach a point at which you are able to continue independently. Generally the longer you have had the problem the longer it will take to manage but 6 visits are about standard.

How much does it cost?

At Physio For Women we believe in value for money which is why our prices are fair and competitive, even though you are being treated by very experienced therapists within a niche service. The charge will include time taken to record your assessment and treatment details, in accordance with strict professional guidelines on the standard of documentation. 

Will I have to take my clothes off?

It is usually necessary to remove some clothes to enable a thorough physical assessment. Wearing a vest top and shorts may be appropriate for most assessments. If you are concerned about this please contact us.

Will it hurt?

It is usually the case that the problems brought to a physiotherapist involve pain. In order to assess, diagnose and treat the underlying problem it can be necessary to stress the affected structure to the point of discomfort. This is always done in a controlled manner and you can ask for the assessment or treatment to stop at any time.

Will I have to have an internal examination for my Pelvic Floor or Low Back problem?

It is often useful to assess the function of your pelvic floor and this can only be done accurately thorough an internal examination. We do understand that this may make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. If you would rather not have a pelvic floor muscle assessment it is possible to create a ‘generic’ treatment plan. However, since this cannot be specific to your individual problem, it will likely to take longer to see results.

If you have a question that is not answered here please email us at or call 01865 803988

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