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The Physio for Women Pilates classes are a fusion of traditional Pilates and specialist Women’s health physiotherapy exercises and movement sequences for all your Women’s Health needs. There is an additional  focus on rehabilitating the pelvic floor muscles in their entirety and with the surrounding connecting lumbo-pelvic musculature.


Why choose a Physio for Women Pilates Class…

Attending a Physio for Women Pilates class will ensure you exercise optimally to gain maximum benefit with absolutely no risk or injury from poor techniques or inappropriate exercise prescriptions.  We keep our classes nice and small so we can keep an eye on you,  and you on us.

Women’s Health physiotherapists have extensive and often unrivalled knowledge about the female body including biomechanics, anatomy and function; and how this changes throughout a woman’s life. Our clinical experience of treating thousands of Women really allows us to develop a thorough understanding for what really does work best for Women at certain stages of their life.  For example which exercises are most beneficial and effective to support life events such as pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, menopause, ageing, osteoporosis, post surgical recovery etc. Therefore Women’s Health Physios are ideally placed to deliver exercise classes to groups of Women as well as formulate individual exercise prescriptions, and far more so than those in the fitness industry. This is because we combine our medical knowledge with our knowledge about fitness and function…and further combine this with our extensive clinical experience of treating many Women with a variety of problems, as well as those who just want to be fit and healthy.

Unfortunately there is a huge disparity between fitness and pilates classes taught by fitness instructors, and clinical fitness and pilates taught by physio’s. Many women have some medically related problem whether this be back, neck or shoulder pain or more specialist pelvic floor dysfunction.  We’d all be hard pushed to know someone who hasn’t got any physical or mental complaints of some description. The concerning reality is that many women are being encouraged to unknowingly harm their bodies by performing high level non-functional exercises which bare absolutely no resemblance to the day to day needs of our bodies and the stresses and strains put upon them. Ultimately they are doing more harm than good. We’ve treated countless Women who noticed their problems started shortly after commencing some new exercise class or training programme with a fitness instructor or personal trainer. This was because they were performing exercises incorrectly or exercises that they should never have been doing in the first place. Exercises that were not only not benefiting them but in fact predisposing them to injury and tissue damage.

The Pilates classes are held in  Woodstock Town Hall on Wednesdays @ 6-7 and 7-8pm and are ideally located for anyone looking for pilates classes in Yarnton, kidlington, Chipping Norton, Witney and the Oxford area in general.

What to expect:-

  • Relaxed, intimate & informal classes
  • Informative tutoring with ‘hands-on’ guidance form a specialist Women’s Health Physio
  • Optimised posture, flexibility, stamina & core strength
  • Comprehensive & evidence based best practice pelvic floor ‘rehabilitation’ for complete core stability

Who can benefit from the class?

  • Ladies who have common aches and pains such as  neck, shoulder, low back, pelvic, hip and knee niggles.
  • Ladies who have more embarrassing problems with their pelvic floor such as prolapses, incontinence, vulval pain and painful sex.
  • Ladies who are recovering from surgery, including gynae, urology, colorectal, abdominal, breast or orthopaedic proceedures such as hip and knee replacements.
  • Ladies who just want to improve their core safely and effectively


Do I need experience in Pilates?

  • All levels welcome!