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Postnatal Exercise Classes

It is very important to exercise after giving birth in order to help your body fully recover and keep you both physically and mentally fit for motherhood.

After having your baby, you’ll likely want to lose weight and tone up your tummy, but it so important this is achieved in the right way. If not you may be at risk from an abdominal hernia, low back and pelvic pain, and pelvic floor problems such as incontinence or prolapse.

If you are going to a general exercise class or even a specifically advertised postnatal class, make sure your instructor really understands about the physiology of pregnancy and its ongoing effects postnatally. Not just someone who is a fitness instructor who has had a baby and teaches advanced abdominal exercises. Unfortunately this is usually the reality and we’re often aghast as patients describe the exercises they’re being told to do, which are far too advanced and predisposing them to tissue damage and poor postnatal recovery. This is the primary reason ‘Physio for Women’ provides specially designed exercise classes which get the optimum results, and safely, to enhance your postnatal recovery. Click on the link to book into our postnatal exercise classes.

Below are two exercises you should avoid indefinitely after having a baby. Those are double leg lifts (Fig 1) and full sit ups (Fig 2). These two exercises place huge strain on your back and pelvic joints, and your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. There are many safe and equally effective alternatives to ensure a full postnatal recovery and the desired aesthetic results.

How can the specialist Antenatal & Postnatal exercise classes help?

The specialist exercise classes are specifically designed for pregnant and postnatal women to promote optimal fitness and function during this challenging time for the body. It is structured around key muscle, joint and posture changes, which can ultimately result in decreased general fitness and common aches and pains.

What do the specialist exercise classes involve?

Essentially the exercise classes involve a warm-up followed by an antenatal or postnatal specific aerobic and core strengthening and re-conditioning pilates element. It is a nice opportunity to relax and enjoy dome all important targeted exercise in the presence of a specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist?

Place: Woodstock & Chipping Norton

Duration: Up to one hour

Cost: £120 for a course of 12 classes (roll-on option available). Bank transfer payable in advance.

Format: Warm up, Antenatal & Postnatal specific Aerobics & Pilates

Booking: Advanced booking required. Please complete the class registration questionnaire if you would like to book onto this class

Other: 1:1 sessions available on request and at a location of your choice (your home, fitness club, or local park etc).

Physio for Women – Specialist Physiotherapy & Pilates

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