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TENS for Labour

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is a popular non-pharmacological form of pain relief for managing the painful contractions of labour. A small hand-held device delivers a gentle electrical current through self-adhesive electrodes placed on your skin which targets the painful structures. This current stimulates your nerves to release your body’s own natural pain relieving chemicals to dampen down your perception of the painful contraction.

Despite inconsistent conclusions regarding its clinical effectiveness, TENS remains a popular and anecdotally beneficial form of pain relief in labour. Subsequently it is worth adding to your ‘bag of tools’ for managing the pain during this challenging life event.

TENS for labour instruction involves:-

  • Clear and in-depth instruction on how to use your TENS machine including the physiology of TENS and how to optimise its pain relieving properties.
  • Practical application and demonstration of your TENS machine on your body.
  • Anatomical positioning of the electrodes and re-positioning as labour progresses
  • Positions in labour to optimise your labour contractions
  • When NOT to use TENS
  • Question & Answer session that is individual to you are your needs.


‘Labour pain management package’

You can book a one hour and 15 minute session that includes instruction on breathing & relaxation, TENS and positioning for labour. See appointments.

You can also attend for TENS instruction if you are wishing to use it as a form of pain relief during pregnancy or your postnatal period.

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