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We are dedicated to the well being and health of our clients. Our highly satisfied clients refer us to friends, work colleagues and family and that’s the reason we are here.   Read what people are saying about Physio For women.

Andrea, Oxford

I would highly recommend this clinic and its amazing therapists. I credit much of my c-section recovery to their treatment and techniques. Not only are they filling such a gap in postpartum/women’s health care, but they are so warm and encouraging in their approach. Thank you Linzi and team!

Asha, Kidlington

Thankyou for all your support this year.  I’ve loved the Pilates classes and sessions with Alex and Linzi.  You both really create a safe space and oasis of calm so thankyou!

Melanie, Woodstock

Thank you so much for designing and delivering such fantastic pilates classes. You have given me the confidence again to start exercising and I feel so energised! All the movements in the class are exactly what us ladies need to strengthen our key areas. It also felt a very safe and relaxed environment to exercise in. So thank you again for teaching me how to regain strength and confidence in my pelvic area and wider core. I’d definitely recommend this class to any lady and at any stage of life!

Carolyn, Oxford

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for supporting me through my recent treatment. Your kindness, patience and knowledge has been second to none. You have always gone above and beyond in every way.

Margaret, Fairford

I am so grateful to you and Miss Price for the transformation of my life. Thank you so much for your care and advice. It is very comforting to know that you will always be in the background to help.

Clare, Heyford 

Thank you for your fantastic help and support.

Diana, Leafield

Thank you for all the advice and treatment you have given me after my hip operation. I owe my recovery all to you.

Karen, Cumnor

Thanks to you for your professional help, encouragement, advice and treatment. I have been very grateful to have received such good care, and have always felt I am in incredibly good hands. Your approach has always been very professional but also very human! Thank you so much.

Sarah, Oxford

Thank you so much for all your help, advice and support. You always go above and beyond to help.

Rachel, Benson

Thank you so much for all your kindness & professionalism in treating my many ailments!!! I’ll never forget your patience in dealing with my son’s meltdowns, and your sensitive nature.

Keith, Henley

Many thanks for the treatment you provided over the last few months. I am pleased to say I am far more confident and less anxious. I have been on 3 flights and only needed to use the WC once! I have come off my Mirabegron medication successfully! And advised my GP to delete medication from my life. I now feel confident to continue to manage my continence with what you have taught me and revert back if needs be. Once again with renewed thanks for your help.

Cathy, London

Thank you so much for all your kindness, understanding and amazing help. I’m singing yor praises from the roof tops!

Diane, Ascot

Physio for women have been extremely helpful and I’m really impressed with their evidence-based practice. I am significantly more comfortable in my vagina now and delighted that I feel I can now manage my symptoms and continue to make further progress on my own.

Natalie, Student Midwife, Oxford Brookes University.

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to have me on my elective placement. It has really been beneficial for me and highlighted the incredibly important role of women’s health physiotherapy for pregnant and postnatal ladies.

Liz, Summertown

It has been lovely getting to know your team over the past 6 months. I want to thank you for your kindness, support and encouragement. I am very happy with the progress I have made.

Michelle, Abingdon

Thank you for all your help and support since my surgery. I’ve really appreciated the motivational chats about taking control of my recovery and focusing on my homework!

Zoe, Headington

Many thanks for your help and encouragement. I do feel much improved and will ensure to keep up the good work.

Karen, Wokingham

Thank you for all your caring support and kindness over the last year. With the kindest warm wishes.

Rebecca, Oxford

Thanks so much for your help with my back problem and pain management. The physiotherapy made a big difference when I was writing up my PhD thesis.

Christine, Witney

With thanks for your care, kindness and support over the past three months!

Emily, Windsor

I have to tell you that you have made me feel so much better about myself (as I hated my stomach) and I feel and look so much better now. You have given me my confidence back!!!

Sarah, Sandhurst

Physio for women, a huge thank you for all your help and support. I am so pleased with my pelvic floor progress and now know that I am not destined to be an incontinent old lady!

Louise, Farnham

Dear Alex. A really big thank you for the excellent Antenatal sessions I attended. It was exactly what I needed, so helpful, so well-delivered and spot-on advice and tips. I am much more confident about the approaching birth now and feel well-informed about how to breathe and relax. Also huge thanks for all the advice, exercises and support belt for my SPD – it helped enormously. I am very impressed by the patient care you give. P.S. I’ve just given birth and can’t tell you what a difference it made to the pain and the pushing doing the sigh-out-slowly technique. It really really helped. Thank you so much again!!

Hayley, Camberley

The classes were a great way to exercise whilst pregnant and meet other expectant mums that gave you the tools to continue to exercise safely during pregnancy whilst being able to ask questions and get advice. I would recommend them to any pregnant lady whatever your fitness level as all levels catered for. I have recommended them to all of my pregnant friends and would definitely do them again. Alex was a really easy person to talk to and you felt like she was really listening to your questions and was always full of good advice.

Rachel, Fleet
The specialist exercise class was perfect in allowing me to concentrate on regaining strength after pregnancy especially after having a large baby. The class is tailored to women’s specific post natal needs so concentrates on all the areas women need to work on after childbirth.


I particularly benefited from improving core strength and found the aerobic section of the class great to improve fitness after pregnancy. I would highly recommend the class for new mum’s. Not only does it allow you to regain strength it gives you the confidence to know that you are exercising safely and sensibly after pregnancy.

 Claire, Guildford

Thank you for all your help throughout my pregnancy. I’m so much better now!! I can actually move and walk without pain which is amazing!!! You have been a great help and support and I feel you really went the extra mile to help me through a difficult time! It was very much appreciated. See you for the next one!

Christine, Windlesham

Thank you for the wonderful exercises. They have changed my life!!

Mary, Yateley

Thank you so much for the generous time in explaining the pelvic floor exercises. I am endeavouring to keep up all the good work and progress to date. Many thanks again.

Nicola, Blackwater

I really benefited from this antenatal Pilates class – it was a fun class with upbeat music, and most importantly I found my pelvis to be more comfortable following the class which gave me a good understanding of which exercises were suitable for me

Valentine, Farnham

I would definitely recommend taking the class. It has really helped me going through my pregnancy and my postnatal recovery. I had SPD and I was doing specially designed exercise to ease the pain. Alex was very helpful with regards to any difficulties or concerns women had when carrying a baby or recovering after pregnancy.

Kirsty, Camberley

I found the classes extremely useful as they gave different exercises to do at home but were checked weekly to make sure you were using the correct technique in order for them to be effective. I believe they helped to keep me more mobile later in my pregnancy than I would have been without them. It was also nice to be able to do some aerobic exercise with a professional so I could feel confident I was not going to do any harm to the baby or myself.

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