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Physio For Women

Physio for Women – Specialist Physiotherapy & Pilates just for Women

Our Service

‘A specialist physiotherapy service for women experiencing a diverse range of physical problems associated with pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, the menopause and ageing.’

‘Our ethos is to empower women to take control of their problem and regain optimum function, confidence and quality of life’


The reality is women don’t have it easy by any means…..  pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, not to mention the dreaded menopause and old age.

It’s no wonder our bodies start to protest and as many of our patients endearingly say ’fall apart’. However, as common as the problems associated with these life events are, they should by NO means be accepted as the norm. At ‘Physio for Women’ help is very much at hand so you don’t have to make those compromises which undoubtedly affect your quality of life.

The problem

  • 70% of Women experience back and or pelvic pain in pregnancy and 22% will have severe symptoms.

  • 7% of Women have severe low back and or pelvic pain postnatally.

  • 90% of women have an abdominal muscle separation during pregnancy and 10% continue postnatally.

  • 90% of Women have a perineal tear during childbirth and 9% involve the anal sphincter. 40% of Women who have the latter experience flatal and faecal urgency at 12 months post injury.

  • 15% of women experience bladder dysfunction after having a baby.

  • 50% of Women have a prolapse (5% of which have never given birth)

  • 69% of Women experience urine incontinence

  • 10% of adults (including men) are affected by faecal incontinence.

  • 20% of adults have Chronic Pelvic Pain

  • It is well documented that women with low back or pelvic pain often have associated symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction such as urinary incontinence.

(The above statistics are a combination of the best available studies in the field of women’s health)

The problem compounded

With a steady rise in birth rates and an ageing population, more and more women are experiencing problems of a musculoskeletal, obstetric, urological, gynaecological and colorectal nature. Subsequently our specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapy services have never been more in demand. Waiting for treatment on the NHS is usually lengthy and demotivating. A process as a service manager I often felt frustrated with, constantly trying to balance service demand with limited resources. By the time many patients were receiving treatment their symptoms had deteriorated, subsequently taking longer to treat and with poorer outcomes.  A further frustration was, whilst waiting to be seen, some women had understandably sought alternative therapies from non-specialists in women’s health, and unfortunately been given incorrect advice and management programmes.


The Solution

Physio for Women……A prompt Women’s Health Physiotherapy service that is safe, flexible, effective and affordable in the management of common problems that affect the quality of life of so many women.

At Physio for Women you can expect –

✔   State registered physiotherapists who are members of the Health Professions

Council, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Association of

Chartered  Physiotherapists in Women’s Health. Our physio’s are further

registered as specialist pelvic floor and pelvic girdle manual therapists.

✔   No waiting list

✔   An appointment time that suits you

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Our clinic is located in Oxford.
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