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Postnatal MOT

A one off (hours) appointment to have a thorough postnatal MOT in which we assess you for:-

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~ Abdominal muscle separation

~ Pelvic Floor muscle strength & function (an internal assessment may be necessary)

~ Postural mal-adaptations

~ Muscle imbalances


And deliver:-
~Education on essential postnatal posture, activity of daily living and baby care duty (feeding, nappy changing, carrying) advice.
Including optimum back and pelvic joint care.
~Essential postnatal abdominal and pelvic floor muscle training (including progressions).
~Advice on how to get back into your preferred exercise regimen.
~What to avoid

An ideal time to have your postnatal MOT is 6 weeks after delivery, by this point your body will have completed it’s initial stages of postnatal recovery and tissue repair.

Postnatal MOT…a one hour and one off appointment.

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