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Pilates Wellness Membership FAQs

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”

10 sessions you’ll feel a difference, 20 sessions you will see a difference, 30 sessions and you will have a whole new body”

Joseph Pilates


How does the Pilates Wellness Membership work?

The Pilates Wellness Memberships (Lilac, Pink and Navy) work on a monthly rolling subscription for an annual schedule of 46 classes, averaging 4 Pilates classes a month. On Demand classes have unlimited access over the course of the Membership. The Pilates Wellness Memberships promote your ongoing practice of Pilates by allowing you to book a recurring slot for the lifetime of your Membership, so there is no rushing or uncertainty to get your usual class space. You can keep calm and carry on Pilates It further allows you to swap between any In Person classes, where there is availability, and if you wish and as available, take two classes a week if you are not able to attend any classes on some weeks. Essentially you have 46 class credits for the annual class schedule, with the guarantee of one slot a week in your chosen class. If you have any questions please contact us on:

How do I access the ON Demand Pilates classes in the Lilac Pilates Wellness Membership?

The ON DEMAND classes can be found by logging into your goteamup home page and clicking on the On Demand Tab. Our New Class Collection is listed at the top.

I am not able to attend my Online Class, how can I catch it up?

Your missed class will be recorded and uploaded to the On Demand section on your goteamup account and can be accessed from your home page.

Do I need to register for the Online Class?

Yes. If you do not register for your online class you will not receive the link to join us live.

I’d like to upgrade from doing the Online/On Demand classes to the In person classes.

You can upgrade your Pilates Wellness Membership by going to your home page on TeamUp, click on ‘My Account’ tab, click ‘My Membership’ tab and then click on ‘View Details’. This will take you to the membership detail page where you will see the ‘Upgrade tab’. Click on this and follow the instructions to upgrade your account. Please note, upgrades start immediately and you will be credited with any overpayment from your previous bill.

I’d like to downgrade from doing the In Person classes to the Online/On Demand Classes OR I’d like to downgrade my membership from doing the Online/On Demand classes and the IN person classes to just the In Person classes?

You can Downgrade your Pilates Wellness Membership by going to your home page on TeamUp, click on ‘My Account’ tab, click ‘My Membership’ tab and then click on ‘View Details’. This will take you to the membership detail page where you will see the ‘Downgrade tab’. Click on this and follow the instructions to downgrade your account. Please note the downgrade option will only be visible once you have completed 3 months of your membership. If you wish to make a change within this period please contact us at

I’m not able to make my In person class. Am I able to make this Up?

Providing you have cancelled yourself off the class no later than 48 hours before the class so someone else can take your slot. Then you are able to keep your class credit and make this class up by attending another class IF and WHEN available. Class availability is released 7 days before the start of the class.

Do the classes run every week all year?

The Pilates Class Wellness Membership is based on an Annual Membership of 46 Pilates classes, which is an average of 4 classes a month. Some months will have more classes in and some less depending on holiday seasons. Where classes are not scheduled, for example over the Christmas Period, they will not appear in the schedule and registering/booking will not be possible.

How do I make sure I get my usual class every week?

To ensure you keep your regular space in our classes, make sure you book a recurring reservation. To do this go to ‘schedule’ and click ‘Add a reservation.’ Next choose the class you wish to regularly attend. This will register you for every weekly class for the life of your membership and will save your class space for the duration of your Membership.

I’m going to miss several classes as I am going away? What options do I have with my Membership?

If you are going away for an extended period of time and  will miss 3 or more consecutive classes, you can either put your membership on Hold or downgrade your membership.

If you would like to put your membership on hold please make sure you have unregistered any class reservations you have made and contact us at: to activate the hold for you. Please include the dates you wish to hold your membership from and to.If you are on the Navy or Pink Pilates Wellness Memberships you can downgrade (see previous FAQ) your Membership and continue your Pilates practice Online/On Demand as and when convenient anywhere in the world. If you’re already on our Lilac membership, remember you can access all our live recorded classes for the lifetime of your membership, therefore catch up on your return.

Can I swap between In person and Online /On Demand classes and vice versa as and when.

Due to the difference in structure, price and administrative set up of our different Pilates Wellness Memberships, it is not possible to interchange between them as and when, other than doing an official upgrade or downgrade (see previous FAQ). However if you are able to give us sufficient notice that you cannot attend an In Person class by contacting us on: we may be able to give you access to an online/On Demand class instead as a goodwill gesture.

How do I cancel my Pilates Wellness Membership?

To cancel your membership, pop onto your goteamup home page, go into ‘My Account’, click on ‘My Memberships’, then ‘View details’ where you will see the ‘Cancel Membership’ button. Your membership will cancel with immediate effect, so please make sure you do it when you’re ready to cancel.

Kindly note there is a 3 month billing period from when you signed up. Payment will be taken for 3 months from the start date of your membership, irrespective if the membership has been cancelled or not.

Why is there a minimum billing period of 3 months when I sign up to any of the Pilates Wellness Memberships?

Physio For Women are serious about your health and wellbeing and helping you achieve your goals. Pilates is both an art and a science and a real coming together of the mind and body. This cumulative practice takes repetition and participation to gain all its wonderful benefits. True Pilates Wellness is generally noticed after 3 months of practice.

What do I need to bring to the Pilates classes?

You’ll need a mat and a Pilates Head Pad or cushion for your classes as standard. You may also wish to use Pilates socks (which have a grip on) if you are not comfortable in bare feet. We use a wide range of equipment e.g. spikey balls, weighted balls, soft balls and stretchy bands for approximately half of our classes. This is to keep your mind and body challenged and teach you all the wonderful ways in which Pilates can be practiced. Physio For Women stock all Pilates equipment for sale. Please contact us on if you’d like to place an order for collection at one of our clinics or classes.


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